Gwenda Motley collection


Gwenda Motley collection


Ms. Gwenda Motley’s collection includes objects, photographs, and publications from the Watkins family. A photograph and death certificate of Gilbert Hooks, Ms. Motley’s grandfather, and a picture of Belle Hooks, Ms. Motley’s grandmother, are in the collection. Ms. Motley’s father, Veodis Watkins, service in World War II, including his dog tags and handwritten service record were photographed. Ms. Motley’s sister, author and essayist belle hooks, is also featured in the collection.

Collection Items

Company "D" 537 Quartermaster Battalion photograph
Group photograph of Company "D", 537th Quartermaster Battalion taken in England in 1943. Included in the group is Veodis Watkins of Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

Watkins United States Army nametag
Metal nametag for Veodis Watkins, a soldier during World War II from Hopkinsville Kentucky.

Veodis Watkins dog tag
Metal United States Army issued dog tag for Veodis Watkins. Inscribed with the name and address for Rachel Kendrick, Mr. Watkins mother. Mr. Watkins joined the Army in 1943 reporting to Camp Joseph Robertson in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Photograph of Veodis Watkins
Black and white photograph of Veodis Watkins taken overseas during his service in the Army.

Outline of Veodis Watkins United States Army service, 1943 - 1945
Handwritten document outlining Veodis Watkins Army service including basic training, deployment in Europe during World War II and discharge.

Veodis Watkins school photograph
Sepia toned photograph of Veodis Watkins taken while he was a student in the second grade of Booker T. Washington Elementary School, Hopkinsville Kentucky.

Application for National Service Life Insurance
Veodis Watkins' completed application for National Service Life Insurance, Veterans Administration insurance form 350, Rev. Sept. 1942.

United States Army discharge papers
Discharge papers for Veodis Watkins, Sergeant in the 3227th Quartermaster Service Company. Includes certificate of honorable discharge, enlistment record and separation report and separation qualification report. Records show Mr. Watkins…

Death certificate photocopy
Photocopy of the death certificate for Gilbert Hooks, great grandfather of donor. The certificate states Hooks was killed by a gunshot wound through the stomach and kidney in 1913.

Portrait of Gilbert Hooks
Photograph of a portrait of Gilbert Hooks. The original portrait was destroyed in a fire in 1990.
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