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Virginia Street Baptist Church collection


Virginia Street Baptist Church was established in 1850 in Hopkinsville. This collection includes pages from the 108th and 125th anniversary…

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Mark Steele collection


Mr. Mark Steele shared a clipping from the Kentucky New Era featuring his cousin, a graduate of Attucks High School and a Harlem Globetrotter. The…

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Vivian Shipp collection


Ms. Vivian Shipp’s collection consists of two photographs: a 1965 image of her parents and a 1963 photo of her brother. Mr. J. Daniel Massie, Ms.…

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Terri Over collection


Ms. Terri Over’s collection documented the Jewish cemetery in Hopkinsville. Ms. Over’s son cleaned and preserved the cemetery as an Eagle Scout…

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Howard Myers collection


Mr. Howard Myers collection features objects from Adath Israel--the synagogue in Hopkinsville, as well as records, objects, and images from his aunts’…

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Gwenda Motley collection


Ms. Gwenda Motley’s collection includes objects, photographs, and publications from the Watkins family. A photograph and death certificate of Gilbert…

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Christy Priutt Madyun collection


Christy Priutt Madyun’s collection includes objects from her father’s career as a firefighter in Hopkinsville. In 1962, Mr. Walter C. Pruitt became…

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Arnold Lynch collection


Arnold Lynch’s collection includes a hand-drawn map of 1925 Hopkinsville’s black business establishments. The map was drawn by Mr. Lynch’s father,…

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Diane Croney-Turner collection


Ms. Diane Croney-Turner’s collection features a series of family histories and family reunion programs and photographs. Ms. Croney-Turner is the…

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Nannie Pollard Croney collection


Ms. Nannie Pollard Croney’s collection highlights her mother, Mary E. Pollard and her daughter, Dr. Tresa C. Banks, roles in Hopkinsville. Ms. Pollard…

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